Bulky Waste Collection
Bulky Waste Collection

Bulky Waste Collection

We offer responsible and seamless bulky waste collection. If you have any waste that is big, like garden garbage, sofas, and bulky home appliances, London Rubbish Removal is here to provide compliant waste disposal to make room in your property.

You can reach us anytime and for a good price to come remove your bulky waste. At London Rubbish Removal, we only take a fee for what we remove - this gives you the advantage of paying for just that particular item you need to be cleared. But that’s not all. We collect bulky waste of different types: white goods, large items used at home and garden waste.

Planning a bulky waste removal on your own is difficult. Considering the large size of waste, it would be difficult to move it around, plus disposal has to be compliant with the government waste regulations. When you look at all that is involved, it is best to simply use a reliable service like ours for your bulky waste disposal.

How bulky waste is disposed

It takes a lot of stress to remove freezers, ovens, or dishwashers from your property. Though it is a service rendered by local councils and charities, the bulky waste these agencies collect may not be all types. On the flip side, you may be on the lookout for around 30 days before your bulky waste is cleared.

Plenty of these local councils will ask you to pay to dispose of your bulky waste. And they are not certain about recycling your waste or not dumping it in a landfill. It is so most of the time as a lot of people subscribe to their service. However, individual waste collectors are different.

London Rubbish Removal is the team to call wherever you are in London regarding bulky waste removal. We travel far and near to help Londoners get rid of disturbing heavy waste. One phone call, and we are there to help you.

We are not a one-size-fits-all waste collection and disposal company. Since we remove bulky waste of different types, we use several techniques that are suitable for each type. Our team will employ a bespoke garden waste management method, and when it comes to building waste, we use a different but appropriate method. We promise you that your waste will be recycled as much as possible and disposed of in compliance with the regulations on waste disposal in the UK.

Easy-to-use bulky waste services

We have special vans at London Rubbish Removal with which we can haul several large wastes in one trip. Furniture waste, kitchen waste and any bulky waste are what we remove. There is room to adjust your waste removal order should in case you change the plan on what items to be disposed of. So, call us today to remove that old cabinet, bookshelf, wooden countertop, etc.

We remove the following bulky waste:

London Rubbish Removal is one of the best choices for bulky waste disposal, and here is a list of removable items using our service:

  • Big electrical gadgets like a vacuum cleaner
  • Bike
  • Plenty of garden rubbish
  • Desk
  • Heavy furniture like kitchen cabinet, vanity desk
  • Safe white goods
  • Tumble dryer
  • Washing machine
  • Dishwasher
  • 1-, 2-, 3-seater sofas
  • Chairs used in the office, dining or sitting room
  • Mattress
  • Home freezer

We don’t remove these bulky waste

Though we try as much as we can to remove a wide range of bulky waste, there are things we do not dispose of like:

  • Clinical or toxic waste
  • Pressure cans
  • Loose rubble
  • Sharp items (knives, needles, etc.)
  • Plasterboards
  • Lithium-ion batteries
  • Paint containers
  • Ammunitions

So, that’s what it is. However, should you have loose rubble you want to throw away, you should look in the direction of skip hire to help in your building or refurbishment works. Need more details on our skip hire services? Let us know.

Waste is not all waste!

We have hinted that in some cases, charities can lend a helping hand to collect and recycle bulky waste that are still in shape.

Are you seeking to trash an item that still has use? Why not ask around if someone can make use of them? We encourage you to look out for anyone that can reuse your old mattress, oven or fridge prior to scheduling a waste collection. So many charities throughout the UK organise the collection of old stuff from homes; a number of these organisations will be right at your doorstep to collect your waste.

Don’t have reusable items? Need some bulky waste removed? Contact London Rubbish Removal now, and we will happily come clear everything.

Book London Rubbish Removal to pick up your ready-to-dispose bulky items. Should you book prior to 12:00pm, we can pick up your bulky items on that same day. No delays with this service.

How about a weekend or evening pickup of your bulky waste? Tell us, and it won’t cost you anything extra.

Hire London Rubbish Removal to remove your bulky waste

We offer a bulky waste removal service that is designed around your home or business needs such that a variety of these wastes can be removed quickly and seamlessly. This way, our service is suitable for very big stuff used in the home, including sofas, mattresses, and other large-size furniture. Do you know that a van collection for bulky waste is much faster and better than using a skip or your car? It really is.

If you need to add to your spring cleaning removal of big stuff at home, give us a call right now, and it is done.

Let’s help you today. Call us on 020 37451018. Or visit us at Suite 17, West Africa House, Hanger Lane, London W5 3QP.

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