Confidential Waste Disposal & Data Destruction

One of the core values of a business is ensuring the company's and clients' data are well protected. Even individuals should keep their data safe. The advantage is priceless.

The stronger data security gets, the more cybercriminals try to override the security. This is why you must not joke with the safety of your data; even the government is all out to ensure the protection of data. Compliance with GDPR standards is mandatory for all businesses. Wouldn't it be great to have someone watch your back as per data security? If this makes sense to you, then you have a worthy partner in London Rubbish Removal. We help protect your business data and keep you in line with GDPR standards. This way, you don't lose customers or deals, and your business integrity is not lost.

Classified waste disposal

This is a legal procedure for disposing of paper, digital records, and other hardware carrying personal details. Waste of this nature must be gotten rid of so they don't mistakenly get snatched by criminals. Employees should ensure they trash their data in the right bin or have them cut into irredeemable bits prior to disposal otherwise, they risk exposing valuable information.

Data destruction services

We offer safe disposal of classified waste such that they fall in line with the set standard. Our team is trained to the best industry standard and uses only advanced and valid methods to destroy private data. You have nothing to worry about when you hire our services. Why not go ahead and call us.

How data destruction and classified waste disposal is done

Trashing classified waste involves these number of steps:

  • We provide a safe container tagged "classified waste" into which everything marked for disposal is placed.
  • Highly skilled personnel gather all the containers and move them to a safe place on the property.
  • EEE (electrical, electronic equipment), including laptops, tablets, and computers, are erased with the appropriate software for data destruction so that those that should know about such information don't get to know about it later on. We are very good at data erasure from digital hardware and leave nothing behind.
  • Paper containing private information is placed into a shredding machine and destroyed. We have a mobile shredder for paper shredding services.
  • After every data and confidential waste is destroyed following according to the regulations, they are distributed as materials for new products to several recycling sites throughout the nation.
  • Every staff that was present and partook of the confidential data destruction are under an agreement of confidentiality and are obligated to append a declaration stating their submission to keep every policy of the company as regards being very careful with the way they handle private documents always.

Disposing of confidential waste is not a walk in the park, as you can see from the outline above. Only trusted and certified providers should be allowed to do this service. And we are such providers as we have great experience in disposing responsibly of all manner of private waste for businesses.

Hire London Rubbish Removal to destroy your confidential data because

  • Our costs are not hidden but transparent
  • We don't keep our customers waiting and are a dependable team
  • You can be sure we will legally get rid of your garbage
  • Recycling is at the forefront of our services
  • We shuttle around London and are available anytime you call
  • And we have a licence from ISO 9001, ISO 14001, the Environmental Agency, and have accreditation from Safe Contractor

London Rubbish Removal takes a step further from destroying confidential data to provide paper shredding services (on-site and off-site) and IT equipment disposal. All these services will ensure that your personal and business partners and/or clients data are kept securely.

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