Electrical appliance disposal
Electrical appliance disposal

Electrical appliance disposal

The modern world has given us different electrical items, from washing machines to electric toothbrushes, including tablets, phones and computers. Whether you love to update your electrical appliances regularly or not, you will have to deal with disposing of electrical items at some point, and it is a huge task.

Over 20 million phones get sold in the UK every year, and with the market saturation reached several years ago, people buying new phones may have to dispose of their old phones.

Most electrical items consist of metal and plastic with a small component of other materials that are harmful to the environment. You can recycle many electrical devices to some extent, but others are reusable. You may consider selling them to those interested in second-hand electrical devices or donating them to charity organisations.

When you need to dispose of your electrical device, you will consider different options. If the device still works, reusing may be a better option. For items that are bust, proper recycling is necessary.

The outer casings of many electrical items like washing machines are mostly metal which is recyclable. The chassis and drums are also metal, while the electric motor windings are made with copper, which is also recyclable. Plastic components like logic boards and circuits are more difficult to recycle.

Small electrical devices such as laptops, phones and tablets are largely recyclable. IT, such as televisions, phones and computers, and waste electrical and end-of-life equipment (WEEE) are under the new 2014 law.

This law prevents disposing of these items in general waste. Many manufacturers now offer some part exchange value for returning devices for recycling. Phones companies are big on this.

Before sending your electrical items for recycling, you may consider selling them to make a little extra cash. Sites like eBay and Gumtree are options to consider. You can also donate the items to charity shops that accept second-hand items.

Many repairs and fix clubs are opening in the country inspired by the period spent during the lockdown and TV shows such as the Repair Shop. These clubs are gaining more popularity for many reasons:

  • Repairing an item instead of buying a new one helps you save money you would have spent on getting a new one
  • Many people feel happy to have an old item function like a new one
  • Repairing or refurbishing old electrical items is sustainable, preventing old tech from being dumped in landfills.
  • People involved can learn new skills

If you do not want to consider repairing or selling your old electrical item and want to get rid of them, you can outsource the job to an expert waste management company. London Rubbish Removal can make the disposal of your electrical items easy.

The following options are available for the electrical items we collect.

  • Reuse – this is best for the planet
  • Recycle
  • Treat and send to landfill – we only opt for this option when recycling or reuse isn’t an option.

London Rubbish Removal also offers WEEE disposal and household clearance services. You can contact us at 020 37451018 for more details on our services, including electrical appliance disposal.

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