Cardboard collection
Cardboard collection

Cardboard collection

London Rubbish Removal is available throughout London for your cardboard collection. If you’ve bought several items online within a short period, you will understand how quickly cardboard boxes can pile up and the difficulty involved in fitting the cardboard boxes into your bin outside.

Taking the cardboard boxes to a nearby recycling centre may also be time-consuming and challenging, especially if you do not have a vehicle to transport the boxes or can’t handle the heavy lifting.  

A simpler option for disposing of cardboard in London

London Rubbish Removal can take care of your cardboard waste collection and disposal. Our expert team are highly experienced and will readily come to your property to assist you with our cardboard collection service. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have several cardboard boxes you want to dispose of.

Why choose us for your cardboard recycling in London

We have many returning customers for several reasons, including our highly competitive prices, and we work to meet the highest standard. We believe cardboard disposal shouldn’t be a difficult task.

We will arrive at your property at the agreed time and remove the cardboard to ensure you have a clean and tidy space. Whether you want us to dispose of cardboard waste from your home or office, our expert team will happily handle it.

Eco-friendly cardboard waste disposal

We work with our customers to ensure we deliver the right services. We are also committed to using eco-friendly methods for all our services, from cardboard collections to house clearances, events clearance, regular bag collection and office clearance.  

Whatever waste you have, our expert team can collect and recycle as much of it as possible, reducing waste sent to landfill. We also aim always to improve our waste collection service in London.

Complaint cardboard disposal services

With London Rubbish Removal, you are assured that your waste disposal will follow all legislation. We aim to reuse, recycle and reduce waste while providing you with an efficient cardboard collection service.

We are top-rated and known for our reliable, efficient and friendly services.

Call London Rubbish Removal Company today on 020 37451018 for your cardboard collection and other waste removal services.

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