Hazardous waste collection and disposal
Hazardous waste collection and disposal

Hazardous waste collection and disposal

London Rubbish Removal provides hazardous waste collection and disposal services to businesses and homes.  

Companies that produce below 500kg of hazardous waste per year do not need to register with the Environmental Agency but must dispose of their waste safely and correctly. Below is a list of hazardous waste London Rubbish Removal collects. These wastes aren’t supposed to go to landfills, and we recycle most.

Hazardous waste we collect and why they are hazardous

  • Paint

Paint contains harmful chemicals, such as metals and solvents, that groundwater absorbs when disposed of in landfills, causing contamination.

  • Asbestos

Asbestos are minerals occurring naturally in the environment. When inhaled, large quantities of asbestos fibre elevate the risk of asbestos-linked diseases. When we transport and dispose of asbestos, we follow The 2006 Control of Asbestos Regulations.

  • Fluorescent tubes and lamps

These items contain mercury in small amounts, but elevated levels of mercury have negative health effects.

  • Smoke and heat sensors

Some smoke and heat sensors have small amounts of RA226 Radium (the highly radioactive form of Radium) and AM241 Americium (a rare radioactive earth metal).

  • Fridges

Fridges contain CFC (chlorofluorocarbon) gas. This gas is harmful to health when inhaled and destroys the ozone layer.

  • Monitors and TV

They contain cathode ray tubes that hold toxic phosphors in the glass envelope. Modern CRT glass envelopes are produced from heavily leaded glasses, a common environmental hazard.

  • Batteries

They are hazardous when dumped in the ground and can leak into groundwater, leading to health risks.

We follow all relevant environmental laws and regulations and are accredited to collect and dispose of hazardous waste/

Contact our friendly team on 020 37451018 to get a quote for hazardous waste collection. Feel free also to contact us or visit Suite 17, West Africa House, Hanger Lane, London W5 3QP, to book our waste collection services.  

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