Garden Clearance
Garden Clearance

Garden Clearance

If you love your garden clean and spotless, then you just got yourself the right company for the job. You will need your garden cleared if you have not been doing so lately; perhaps you haven’t been at home for some time or have a busy schedule.

As much as you love your garden, you will want to have it clean and appealing for relaxation or an evening walk. And this is what a garden clearance offers. It goes beyond just removing rubbish to discouraging pest habitation, making the air there clean and fresh. Manned by the finest gardeners, an array of different garden tools, plus great experience, London Rubbish Removal will take out everything that messes up your garden, like overgrown hedges, fallen leaves, bushes, grasses, old and rotting trees and a lot more.

An enormous job like garden clearance takes a lot of cleaning, from the drainage to clearing out natural and man-made waste. Are you certain you can handle all of that? Come on, let us help you there. We promise you a highly proficient job you will be happy with. And you need not worry about our prices – it’s affordable, and our gardeners are very strong, smart, and experienced for the work. This means that you will be very glad you hired us.

How to schedule your garden clearance service

  1. Reach out to us. Give us a call on 020 37451018
  2. Schedule your garden clearance appointment. Let us know when you would like for us to come keep your garden clean and free from rubbish. Should you contact us before 10 am, we can fix a same-day clearance for your garden
  3. Freeing up your garden. All that makes your garden dirty and unpleasant will be removed, and we will take them away in our truck.
  4. Garden waste recycling. We will carry your garden dispose to a recycling plant where they will be processed
  5. Your garden is clean. You and yours can chill, play games, relax or do whatever you’re used to doing in your now clean and fresh garden.

You need to hire us because we are professionals operating with a licence and offer a warranty on all garden clearance. You can ask any questions you have, and our team will answer you. We work based on your type of garden but rest assured that the professionalism is the same. Besides, our procedures are safe – you need not bother about your garden safety.

Kindly spell out what you want from our garden clearance prior to commencement, particularly where there will be no supervision, so we don’t do a wrong job but rather align our method to your goal and clear your garden the way you like.

What our garden clearance entails

We own the job of clearing gardens in London, and it shows as we have on our team the best gardeners plus up-to-date garden clearing equipment and the right size of truck for haulage.

Our techniques are very safe and nice for both your garden and the environment.

We sort out your garden garbage – give out items that can still be used and have what is left carefully trashed or taken to a recycling plant. How do you like your garden cleared? We offer bespoke garden clearance for as many that require our service.

So, we take out:

  • Plants
  • Fallen leaves and weeds
  • Grasses
  • Plant pots
  • Garden decorative pieces
  • Tools and paint
  • Unusable compost bins and water troughs

We also:

  • Take out old trees (branches and stump)
  • Prune old trees
  • Keep hedges trimmed

See the cost of our garden clearance services

Waste capacity

Loading time

Charge (minus VAT)

50 kg or least charge

10 minutes


¼ or 300 kg

20 minutes


2/4 or 500 kg

40 minutes


¾ or 800 kg

50 minutes


Complete truck or 1000 kg

60 minutes


The following should be borne in mind:

  • The full capacity of the truck as per loading is 14 cubic yards which is exactly 2.5 skips
  • Any estimate our team gives you via an email or phone call is tentative since they are not able to account for the volume of the waste, parking, and how to reach the property
  • Our cost calculation comes down to the volume, loading time, weight, packaging and dismantling (in the case of gadgets and furniture)
  • We take an additional amount if it is not easy to get to your property

For more information, see us at Suite 17, West Africa House, Hanger Lane, London, W5 3QP or give us a call.

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