Paper Shredding Services
Paper Shredding Services

Paper Shredding Services

Today’s business is now online. Everyone is moving on the digital plane to buy and sell, yet we still see paper finding its way in-between all of these. Yes, paper still got a function. And as such, people still store confidential data on the thin piece of white spread. Just like every other means of storing information, if private data on paper is leaked and gets into scammers’ or criminals’ hands, you risk losing something of value.

Now that it is so, wouldn’t it be fine to make that personal information on paper disappear? Sure it is. Yet, care must be taken when it comes to paper shredding. You need a provider of this service that you can rely on to do a neat and professional job. And that’s where London Rubbish Removal comes in.

We provide a conservative paper shredding service such that you and you alone are privy to the erstwhile destroyed information. If that rings a bell, then pick up your phone and dial 020 37451018 now. We offer both on-site and off-site paper shredding services throughout London.

Our on-site paper shredding service

It is called on-site because we do the paper shredding where the information is located; we don’t take it somewhere else. So, business owners and householders can subscribe to this option, and we will send in our professional team to come over to your home or office and destroy that private paper data. We will come with our on-site paper shredder, and while your business is still operating, our team will be doing the job of gathering all your sensitive paper information and destroying them safely. Again, should you prefer this option, don’t hesitate to call us.

We will drive our shredding machine to your premises. It is a special vehicle that is designed to destroy paper. Our team will collect your important papers, get them into the shredder, and the result is micro pieces of white. Paper shredding ensures your business follows GDPR guidelines and regulations and is safe.

Our off-site paper shredding service

If you prefer for us to work outside your business area as per paper shredding, then you will like our off-site paper shredding. However, unlike the on-site option where you will be present as we get and destroy your vital paper, here we will take the paper to some safe place and have them destroyed.

This service is done at a moderate cost and is protected. At your earliest convenience, schedule a day and time you need us to come around and get your private paper information, and we will be there.

Hire London Rubbish Removal for convenient paper shredding because

It is a well-secured service; it doesn’t matter whether we are doing it on your premises or not. As professionals, we offer this service each passing day to our clients scattered throughout the city. Never have believed in paper shredding services before? Try us, and you will not regret it. Plus, call anytime you need this service and we will be right on time.

See who we offer paper shredding services to.

  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Colleges and universities
  • Finance sector
  • Clinics and healthcare
  • Insurance companies
  • Public service and government
  • Charities
  • Legal institutions

Failing to be compliant with GDPR will suffocate your business and disturb your client base and partners, but with London Rubbish Removal on your side, your confidential information is highly protected. You will retain your customers and run your business uninterrupted.

We give a certificate of destruction to our clients after completing their paper shredding. Another reason you should hire our professional team. Do we recycle? Of course, we put your paper waste into recycling to be fair to the environment, reproduce fresh materials and reduce the amount of carbon that comes from your business activities.

Would you like us to give you an estimate for either on-site or off-site paper shredding? Give us a call on 020 37451018. Got any questions? Send us an email right away or call us. We are open to discussing your paper shredding needs as a business or a householder. And be sure you will enjoy our reliable paper shredding services anytime.

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