Void Property Clearance
Void Property Clearance

Void Property Clearance

If you need to have an empty property cleaned up and the rubbish removed, then you should call London Rubbish Removal. We are your go-to for everything void property clearance. And this service is available to private homeowners and commercial properties across London.

Why void property clearance? This cleaning is important because the moment a tenant leaves an apartment, the owner can possibly encounter minor to major waste removal ranging from bio to kitchen waste, messed up floors, walls, and benchtops, to other types of litter. There are times when an occupant may be experiencing compulsive hoarding syndrome - this would make them keep a lot of unimportant stuff such that cleaning the house and making it breathable becomes too difficult.

We at London Rubbish Removal understand this plight as we deal with it every day throughout London. We know this is something most estate managers, landlords or property agents dread. And the reason is that it takes a lot of money to clear up void rubbish and make the space good enough for someone to rent. But we can provide a complete void clearance service for your property. Taking the stress off you is our pleasure. In addition to this, we offer other related services like plumbing, electrical works, pest control, etc.

Not all properties are well-kept during the tenancy period. A good number are neglected. This is why some apartments are filled with all kinds of garbage, including hoarded items, human or pet poo, pests, mildew, mould, decayed food, blood smears (in extreme cases), and other unsightly stuff, plus unpleasant smell. In a void property clearance, all this junk are completely removed, and the entire space is freed of the mess.

What we also do at London Rubbish Removal, as per void property clearance, is offer related services which can or cannot be part of the cleaning service as it comes down to the condition of the property. We are talking of services like:

  • Fixing of property
  • Carpet sprucing
  • Electrical repairs and replacement
  • Plumbing
  • Pest removal
  • Locksmith work
  • Clearing of pathway and driveway
  • Deodorisation
  • Removal of heavy mess

The filth and mess we come across in most of these jobs make it difficult for a person who is not a professional to handle void property clearance, particularly when the previous occupant was into hoarding or had compulsive tendencies. We are saying that we have loads of experience on this job, and there is nothing your property will present that we have not seen. So, give us a call when you need that void cleaned, and we will have it ready and organised in no time.

Another reason you don't need to consider cleaning a void property yourself is that for cases where the mess includes needles, blood stains, and other fluids from the body, any mistake in handling this stuff put you at risk of contracting severe health issues. We know the legal measures and cautions that should be in place for this type of cleaning, which is why you should leave everything to us.

Our team is born ready for this job. We've got experience, finesse, and knowledge of cleaning biowaste that are a potential danger. On top of that, we have advanced equipment and chemicals which we use to fight stains and smells in void properties.

Call us on 020 37451018 for a bespoke void property clearance from London Rubbish Removal today. We are eager to answer your questions and fill you in on void property clearance.

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