Wheelie Bin Hire
Wheelie Bin Hire

Wheelie Bin Hire

Are you working on remodelling your office or pulling down the structure? Definitely, you will need to take out the non-structural elements - internal fittings and fixtures. We are here to help your project with our reliable wheelie bin services to reduce the dust that comes from soft strip demolition and fit-outs.

What we do

From day to day, we take out general waste from office strip-out projects in the ever-busy city of London. The use of wheelie bins works better for taking out rubbish during the refurbishment of swamped office buildings as the trash will not spill, nor will there be more injury, like when trolleys or bags are used.

Get your wheelie bins for your strip-out waste from London Rubbish Removal today and remove any kind of waste you have, including:

  • Unsegregated strip-out rubbish
  • Wooden fitting
  • Garbage plasterboard (kindly put this away from the other garbage)
  • Various types of building waste

Our wheelie bin hire service is designed to fit your needs. This means that we provide you with any number of bins. Plus, our team are able to remove any size of waste. Should it be that your rubbish is low or high volume than planned, there is no problem as we would simply take a fee for the volume we clear.

Wheelie bin for strip-out waste removal has advantages

  • The garbage doesn’t spill during clearance
  • Waste from building works are seamlessly removed from the top floors to the ground floor in service lifts and minimises the odds of damaging the lifts or the corridor walls

Our areas of concentration are:

  • Providing the best service to clients
  • Offering money-value services
  • Legal waste clearance and disposal

We are unbeatable when it comes to the above services, and our proficient team is a sure way of maintaining this standard.

For anything strip out waste in London, we provide the wheelie bin service you will be proud of.

Something extra for you

  • A comprehensive report on waste clearance as part of our waste disposal services
  • Zero disturbance to your site handymen as we take care of loading all the waste


Sure. The thing is, our wheelie bin and waste disposal services are intertwined. And our flexibility in meeting the specific needs of clients makes us a company you would like to work with. This is because we get orders to deliver more bins for short durations and fewer bins for longer. But whatever the requirement, we meet them completely.

So, come hire your London wheelie bins from us and enjoy the best of strip-out waste services. Our phone number is 020 37451018. Go on, give us a call. And our office is on Suite 17, West Africa House, Hanger Lane, London, W5 3QP – we will be delighted to see you come around for bookings or to find out more about what we can do for you.

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